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Tarp XL

by DD Hammocks 1 Reviews
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The DD Hammocks Tarp XL is a large 4.5m x 3m tarp, which is lightweight and versatile. Ideal for use with our hammock range, or while camping and hiking as a rain cover or groundsheet.

This tarp is fully waterproof, so perfect for protecting you from the elements. Set it up as a canopy above your hammock (or even yours and a friend's), or create a shelter for a whole group on the ground. You could also use it as a bike / kayak cover, it's certainly large enough. There are 16 side attachment points which are reinforced and very tough, plus 3 centre (ridge) line attachment points. An excellent quality product from a reliable brand, DD Hammocks.


Size: 4.5m x 3m
  • Weight: 1020g (excl. pegs and guy lines
  • Stuff sack, 4 pegs and guy lines included
  • Item# 0610696771032

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    DD Tarp XL

    This a fantastic tarp which is of the quality we've come to expect from DD Hammocks. This thing is huge! Definitely on the large side for one person, and not the lightest of tarps obviously. But if you need a tarp which can cover a couple of people (or maybe even 3 people), this would be a fine choice. Due to the larger size, this tarp is more versatile than the 3x3 model. It can be set up like a tent which actually has a floor sheet. It's a cool set up and instructional videos can be found on youtube.

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