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The DD Hammocks Underblanket is compact, lightweight and warm. Easy to set up and suitable for use in temperatures down to -5C.

Regarded by many as the best form of hammock insulation in colder weather. The Underblanket hangs below your hammock and when fitted well (easy to do) creates a small pocket of air between it and your hammock. This air pocket will heat up and keep you warm. In hammocks a surprising amount of heat loss is from below due to the compression of your clothing/loft in your sleeping bag by your body weight. The Underblanket combats this by hanging below your hammock so the loft is not compressed. It should be hung close to your hammock so it gently hugs the hammock when you're inside. It is 2m long so when set up it will provide almost full length insulation for most people. It is best set up with a little bias towards your head end of the hammock so if anything only your feet will be just outside it.


  • Weight: 950g
  • Colour: Olive Green
  • Includes: 8 x Mini Karabiners, Stuff Sack
  • Item# 0705422505644

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    Warmer than using a mat

    Quick to attach, good quality and much warmer and comfier than using a sleeping mat. I'm very happy and think this was a good addition to my hammock camping kit. Comes with compression sack and 8 DD Hammock carabiners making it quick and easy to set up. No cold spots. Very happy with purchase.

    Reviewed on:
    DD Underblanket

    This is a must for serious Hammockers .There is a difference in your body temperature soon as you lay in the hammock. The blanket traps warm air causing the insulation to work. If you lay on a sleeping bag for example your body flattens the loft in the bag causing cold to penetrate through. This is not good especially if your out in the woods etc. Definite worth the money for comfort. Thank you again for your support and help in the office, much appreciated.

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