Outdoor trousers have a lot to live up to. A good pair will be your best friend, defending you from the wind and the rain, with a range of pockets and other features that’ll come in handy on adventures. A bad pair will leave you wet, cold and miserable.

Fjallraven know what a pair of outdoor trousers should be. They craft trousers that fend off the weather, stay breathable and also allow a base-layer to be worn underneath them without compromising on quality.

Fjallraven trousers are popular across the globe, having won awards in various exhibitions and in magazine tests. Fjallraven are always looking to improve their designs, but they have already cracked outdoor trousers - the 1999 Vidda trousers are unchanged from their original design and just as popular now as ever.

The majority of Fjallraven trousers in our store come with a long, raw cuff – meaning you can tailor the fit to be exactly as you want them. This is a simple process that gives your trousers a true custom feel.

Fjallraven Trouser Types

Fjallraven trousers all offer protection from wind, rain and come as durable as you’d expect from a Swedish adventurer’s brand. However, they do produce different styles of trouser that cater to varying customers.

Fjallraven Trekking and Outdoor Trousers are the toughest and most hardwearing designs Fjallraven create. These are for serious adventures, trousers that are made from G-1000, a wind and water resistant fabric that can be impregnated with Greenland Wax for even more resistance. These ultra-tough trousers will be your best friend on tough mountains and in difficult environments. Versions are available with stretch panels for additional mobility.

Fjallraven Travel Trousers are durable but lightweight, ideal for taking on trips. Made from material such as G-1000 lite and MicroTravel, these trousers are ideal for anyone taking an adventurous trip abroad.

Fjallraven Hunting/Forest Trousers are tough and durable but are made to move silently. G-1000 silent fabric and extra stretch panels permit a wide range of movement. Fjallraven Forest Trousers are ideal if you want to be on the move, unheard and comfortable.

Finally the Fjallraven Everyday Trousers are made for those who want the best qualities of durable trousers in their everyday wear. There are few reasons to compromise in life, and your trousers aren’t one. The Everyday trousers are well-made, high quality trousers that might have less pockets but use the same tough G-1000 or Microtravel material.

How To Choose Your Trousers

Choosing the right pair of outdoor trousers can be tricky, especially for the unintitated. Thankfully it’s a matter of asking the right questions.

  1. What will you use the trousers for?

Choosing between the trouser types is a matter of deciding what activity and environment you’ll be using your trousers in. Choose trousers from the category that fits the activities you’ll be doing the most. Don’t worry though: the trousers transcend their type. A pair of trekking trousers can be worn in the pub just as comfortably as on a tough ascent.

  1. How do you want them to fit?

Fjallraven trousers come in a range of styles. Comfort fit, regular fit, varying waist heights and fixed or raw length endings. The majority of our offering is raw length and allows you to customise the fit.

  1. Do you want extra functions?

A good pair of trousers is all in the details. Fjallraven trousers have many different features such as extra pockets for maps and tools, zip-off legs, stretch panels and reinforcements. Choosing which features you’re after will help you decide which pants you’ll want.

If you have any trouble choosing your pants or want features explained just drop us an email or a call and we’ll be glad to help you out.


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