Why You Should Give A Shirt About Fjallraven

Fjallraven produce a range of quality shirts that are ideal for the outdoors. Fortunately for any thirsty hillwalker, they also look good in the pub.

Shirts are ideal outdoor garments. Just the nature of a long-sleeved, button-up item of clothing makes it great for changeable weather. You can manually vent heat by unbuttoning the shirt and rolling the sleeves up. Alternatively keep them down and roll up the collar to protect yourself from the cold.

High quality material, handy pockets and practical design choices make a shirt a great mid or base-layer and you’ll find none better than the quality range of Fjallraven shirts on offer here.

Fjallraven Shirt Styles Explained

There are four different styles of Fjallraven shirt: Trekking and Outdoor shirts, Travel Shirts, Forest Shirts and Everday Shirts.

The Trekking and Outdoor Shirts are durable cotton or bamboo shirts, often with G-1000 reinforcements. These shirts are breathable, stretchy and quick-drying to suit a range of adventurous activity.

The Travel Shirts are suited to sunnier climes, with UV protection and a light weight. They are also easy to pack into a suitcase and are practically wrinkle-free. These shirts are ideal for - you guessed it, travelling.

Forest Shirts are made from sturdy cotton with quick-drying properties and are designed to blend in with natural colours. These are ideal for hunters, campers and fishermen who want a comfortable and reliable shirt.

Finally the Everyday Shirts are developed to bring the quality of the outdoor shirt to a more practical customer. If you’ve worn a Fjallraven shirt in the outdoors and want the same design ethos and quality in a more practical shirt, these everyday shirts are the perfect choice.

Make Sure You Grab A Shirt That Fits

Fjallraven Shirts have a range of ‘fits’ that change how the shirt lies on the body. Men’s shirts have three different fits: Comfort, Regular and Slim Fit.

Comfort Fit shirts are wider, so you’re less restricted in them. This fit is great for wearing a shirt as a mid-layer over another item of clothing.

The Regular Fit is what it says on the tin, a traditional fit for a shirt.

The Slim Fit option is only available in the Men’s shirts (sorry ladies!) It’s a comfortable cut designed to fit close to the body and is great for summer wear when you can wear just a shirt.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Shirt

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