Fjallraven G-1000 - What is it?

Fjallraven has a long and esteemed history in the outdoor world, with designs dating back to 1960 still in use in some form today. The original Greenland Jacket was made from tent fabric and ever since the company has used top quality material built for purpose. To that end, Fjallraven produce their fabric in-house or in close co-operation with partners. This means the years of experience and product knowledge is used to create durable, timeless and functional fabric.

The most famous of these fabrics is the G-1000 fabric. A staple of the brand, G-1000 is labelled ‘Probably the best outdoor fabric on the market.’ It’s hard to deny the statement once you’ve tried a garment using the fabric. It’s highly breathable and weather-resistant.

The tightly woven fabric is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton with beeswax and paraffin impregnated into the material. This natural wax is now known as Greenland wax. This gives it rain and wind resistance. When you don’t want to wear a suffocating waterproof, a G-1000 garment is the ideal choice.

Even in harsher rain, G-1000 can be further waterproofed by applying more Greenland wax into the garment. With UV protection and mosquito protection, G-1000 may very well be the best outdoor fabric in the world.


G-1000 Properties

Durability: G-1000 is twice as resistant to wear as denim. This makes it perfect for rugged adventures.

Adaptable: With the ability to iron in Greenland wax and add to the weather resistance of the garment, G-1000 can be adapted to varying weather conditions. Applying Greenland wax extends the life of the garment by adding to its durability.

Water Resistant: G-1000 is weather resistant, meaning you can wear it during brief showers. It will then dry quickly after the rain dies off. Further protection can be added with Greenland Wax.

Windproof: The tightly-woven fabric shuts out the wind, with Greenland wax sealing the garment and eliminating any gusts that try to find their way into your garment.

Breathable: Ideal for strenuous adventure, the G-1000 fabric is extremely breathable which means it helps vent moisture from a warm body.

Mosquito Safe: The tightly woven fabric stops mosquitoes and other insects from getting anywhere near your skin. Great for warmer climates.

UV Protection: The fabric provides 100% protection from the Sun’s alpha and beta rays so it’ll protect you worry-free in any sunny environment.


The G-1000 Family

Like any great product, G-1000 is available across a range of variants. There are 5 different versions of the fabric and all of them share the same durability, hard-wearing design and weatherproof Greenland Wax impregnation:

G-1000 Original: This is a 65% Polyester, 35% cotton mix that began life as a tent fabric and was then impregnated with Greenland wax to create the perfect outdoor fabric. Used throughout the Fjallraven range on some of their finest products.

G-1000 Silent: This is a brushed version of the original fabric. This does slightly weaken the fabric but it makes it soft and quiet, ideal for hunters and game preservation.

G-1000 Lite: A lightweight version of the original fabric, the G-1000 lite is made from ripstop thread to give durability despite the lower weight.

G-1000 Eco: an environmentally friendly version of the original, this fabric is made from recycled polyester and organic cotton. Just as tough and durable as the original G-1000, but without the ecological impact.

G-1000 Heavy Duty: Used mainly for reinforcement and in backpacks, the G-1000 heavy duty fabric is exceptionally strong. Fjallraven make the claim that G-1000 Heavy duty will be virtually impossible to wear out. Be our guest!


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