Vital Info
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Location: The Cairngorms, Scotland
Skills & Experience:
  • Survival
  • First Aid
  • Tutoring & Instruction
  • Navigation
Theatres of Operation:
  • Mountain
  • Woodland
Connect With Neil

Neil is a Winter Mountain Leader who’s also SIA accredited (that’s the highest survival award outside of the Armed Forces). He’s one of the founding members of the Survival Training Award Scheme and runs Back Country Survival.

Based in the Cairngorms (the UK’s only sub-arctic mountain range), he and his team deliver specialist outdoor training and unique expedition-experiences which equip people with life-saving knowledge and skills.

Neil’s abilities are so highly thought of they’re now endorsed by Fjällräven who made him their UK Ambassador. This close relationship means Neil’s an expert on Fjällräven clothing and equipment, and a major part of his courses revolve around kit selection and clothing systems.

Neil spends the majority of his time on training expeditions in the UK’s toughest environments, so he’s constantly ‘adventure testing’ clothing and equipment. As an A&B Ambassador, he then feeds his findings back to us, advising us on our range so you can be sure it performs when needed.

Neil also helps out on the blog where he offers advice on pieces we’ve written and shares his specialist knowledge in articles of his own. He’s also heavily involved in our adventure training courses, equipping customers like you with his expert skills.


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