Vital Info
Age: 18 - 75
Gender: Male & Female
Location: Northumberland, UK
Skills & Experience:
  • Incident & Search Management
  • Hill Craft & Navigation
  • Search Techniques
  • First Aid & Casualty Care
  • Technical Rope Rescue
  • Working with Helicopters
  • Off-Road Driving
  • Winter Mountaineering
Theatres of Operation:
  • Mountain, Hills & Moorland
  • Woodland
  • Flooding & Water Margins
  • Coastal Areas
  • Urban
Connect With NNPMRT

NNPMRT are highly trained professional volunteers carrying out search and rescue duties across Northumberland and Tyne & Wear. They also support our region’s main emergency services in the search and rescue of vulnerable individuals in both rural and urban settings.

The team train regularly to keep their skills sharp as well as learn new ones. They need too, as recently there’s been a sharp rise in the number of incidents they’ve had to attend. That’s one of the reasons we’re working together.

In a combined effort, we hope to raise awareness about the proper clothing, equipment and training that hill-goers in the UK need in order to stay safe.

The individuals of NNPMRT are all ‘adventure tested’ and work with us to increase your knowledge and outdoor awareness. They advise us on clothing and equipment, safety techniques, and proper outdoor procedure. Knowledge we then pass on to you.

Being a volunteer emergency service, we also support them in a number of ways and are proud to call this hardworking team of selfless men and women A&B Ambassadors.


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