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Q. I can’t find the product I’m looking for…

A. Our search engine works in such a way that it matches keywords, therefore, on occasion it’s possible that you may not find a particular product if you just search using a place name i.e. Keswick. Try using the region/county i.e. Lake District – it’s very likely you’ll return a much more comprehensive list of available product – you can then refine your search by manufacturer or category/activity.

Q. Will You Acknowledge My Order?

A. As soon as you complete your order with Above and Beyond you will receive email confirmation of your order including an order number. If at any stage you wish to check the status of your order with us you can do so by simply logging in using your username and password, then click on ‘Order History' in your basket. Any orders you have made will be listed here.


Q.What Is Your Pricing Policy?

A. Above and Beyond aims to reflect the most accurate information on product prices at all times. We supply items at the publisher's/manufacturer's recommended price except where a specific discount is offered. We will make reasonable efforts to present accurate information but we cannot guarantee the price or our ability to supply any particular book.

Occasionally publishers may increase their prices unexpectedly, and this is often something we become aware of only upon ordering stock from them. In the event that this occurs, or in the event of a pricing error howsoever caused, we will check with you to see if you still wish to receive the item at the new price.


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