OMM clothing and rucksacks are ultra-light, ultra-portable and designed for fast-moving adventure. They have to be - The OMM, or Original Mountain Marathon is one of the toughest tests for UK trail runners and adventurous endurance athletes. The event is a 2 day mountain race over the distance of two marathons, where participants test themselves to the brink. Clothing made for an event like this is tough, lightweight and built for adventure.

Contestants must push their bodies through a rigorous physical race across difficult terrain and challenge their minds by self-navigating their way through the course. Participants of the OMM have to find their own way and cope on their own, meaning they must carry their kit with them. Responding to this, the OMM have created a range of clothing, rucksacks and accessories that are ultralight and ultra-portable. The streamlined clothing and rucksacks enable you to move fast through the tough mountain landscapes and reach the finish line.


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