The Above and Beyond Challenge is Northumberland’s only two day event. Created so you can experience the region’s stunning countryside, spend some time in the hills and meet others with a love of the outdoors.

It takes place on the 20th and 21st of August. After setting off you’ll head for Clennel Hall, where you’ll make camp and enjoy a magical night of camping in the grounds of an old manor house. How you get there is up to you.

On day two, you’ll plot a new route through the hills and head back to your start point at Ingram - making it through our check points as you go. Once back, you’ll have completed the Challenge and fallen in love with our region. 

Your Day. Your Way.

How you tackle our Challenge is up to you. Fast or slow it’s your choice. Your strategy can be to go ultra lightweight, and have fun testing your limits. Or you can take a more leisurely approach, taking breaks atop the hills to admire the view. 

At night, you can choose to recharge your batteries and go to bed early or stay up and socialise with the other participants. You can even decide between taking a tent or sleeping in a bed at Clennell Hall.

And with no fixed route (as long as you pass through our check points) you choose the path you take to reach your destination. How you prepare and approach each day of The Challenge is up to you. That’s the beauty of it and all part of the fun.

You'll be supplied with a map marked with our suggested route and whether or not you stick to it is your choice; If a hill looks to high, circle round it - think you've found a better route, you're free to take it. 


Discover Northumberland:

We’re holding our first ever Challenge in Northumberland for a number of reasons: As we’re based here as a company,  we know all its hidden secrets and remote locations. Plus it’s home to everything you need for a great day outdoors . 

In fact, thanks to its rolling hills and lush green forests, Northumberland National Park was recently voted National Park of the Year. It’s no secret the region is home to some of the UK’s most impressive scenery, and we want you to experience it.

Although you’ll be planning your own route (so you need to have good navigational skills), our checkpoints will make sure you bag all of Northumberland’s important hills and take in parts of the Pennine Way.

Day One Of The Challenge:

The start of the first-leg is absolutely stunning and certainly gets your legs warmed up. After meeting, we take you on a short drive by bus over the border to Scotland and the start of the Above & Beyond Challenge in Kirk Yetholm. 

You’ll then set off and make your way through some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, including Windy Gyle, Clennell Street and parts of the Pennine  Way; taking in Northumberland National Park’s unspoilt scenery (which saw it top the Condé Nast Traveller's List for the World’s Best National Park).

The route you choose to navigate will take into account the weather, peaks you want to bag and the ability of your group.  If there’s strong wind, staying low and plotting a path through the valleys might be a decent plan.  

Alternatively you might want to grab as many hilltops as you can along the way. The choice is yours. However, the hills are big, wild and unforgiving - so choose wisely as you’ll need to be self sufficient and take all your equipment with you.

And remember: due to the remoteness of the locations you pass through, there’s no mobile reception for much of the Challenge. You or a member of your party must have good navigational skills as you can’t rely on your phone if in trouble.

Good To Know: 

• There’ll be A&B tents at Ingram and Clennel Hall to buy supplies like food and gas

• Parking at Ingram for the two days is totally free of charge

• Camping at Ingram and at Clennell Hall is free of charge

• You can stay and camp for free at Ingram after the event

• You don’t have to pay any extra for the bus to Kirk Yetholm

• Toilets and water are available for the 1st night of camping (though there aren't any showers until you reach Clennel Hall.)

Nightfall At The Hall:

At the end of the first day you’ll have completed your goal and reached camp in the grounds of Clennell Hall, a Grade II Listed Country Manor dating back to the 13th Century. There, you’ll have a chance to talk with others about your day in a relaxed and friendly setting.

You’ll be able to enjoy a cold beer from the bar in the picnic area. Fill your belly with a meal at Clennell Hall or something cooked on your own camping stove. You’ll find a cool stream to wash in or warm showers if you prefer. 

At Clennell Hall, there’s also the choice between a bed for the night inside or peaceful spots to pitch a tent within its gorgeous grounds. Camping’s free and in the morning you’ve the chance to grab a bacon roll for only £2.50 or a more substantial breakfast before setting off again.

The Final Leg:

On the second day of the event you’ll have to decide how you’re going to make it back to Ingram while passing through our check points. The weather and your ability will all play a part when deciding your route, so you'll have to use strategy as well as stamina on the way home. 

Once the challenge is complete you’ll have covered a total of around 40 miles. And depending on your choice of route, you’ll have made a number of ascents totalling between 3 and 4.5 thousand feet each day. So… do you think you can meet the Challenge?

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Win £500 Of Equipment:

Take part in the Above & Beyond Challenge and you'll automatically be entered into our special prize draw for the chance to win £500 worth of outdoor equipment from top brands Montane, Fjällräven, Mountain King and OMM.


Is there free parking?

Parking is free for the duration of the event. However, we can’t be liable for any damage that occurs while your car is unattended and you leave your car and any items in it at your own risk.

Do I have to pay for camping?

No. Camping at Ingram & Clennell Hall is free.

Can I stay on after the event?

Yes, because camping at Ingram is free. If you want you can stay on after the event to enjoy time exploring more of Northumberland and the surrounding area.  If you want to stay on at Clennell Hall you will have to pay for additional nights.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, this is a dog-friendly event and your canine companion is very welcome.  Please ensure dogs are kept on a lead where indicated to do so.

How long will the bus journey be?

That depends a little bit on the traffic but the free bus ride from Ingram to Kirk Yetholm shouldn’t take more than 30-45 minutes.

Is breakfast at Clennel Hall included in the price?

No. Breakfast at Clennel Hall is optional and you will have to pay for it.

Do I have to pay for my food at Clennel Hall?

Yes. During you stay at Clennell Hall we won’t be providing you with food or refreshment ourselves. However, both will be available within Clennel Hall at their usual hotel price. 

Can I Cook My own Food at Clennell Hall?

If you want to bring your own food and stove for the night time you can. If you want to lose a bit of weight from your kit, leave most of it behind and eat in Clennell Hall.  

I’m going ultra light, leaving my tent. How do I book a room at Clennel Hall?

For all enquires about Clennell Hall please call them directly on 01669 650377.

What sort of distance is the Challenge?

The exact distance you’ll cover depends on the routes you choose between check points. However, expect to cover roughly 20 miles each day. You’ll also make a number of ascents totalling between 4,000 and 4,5000 feet each day - again - depending on your route. 

Is The Above & Beyond Challenge a Race?

No, it’s not a race - unless you want to turn it into a race between friends. There are not prizes for first place. The Challenge is a challenge with yourself. Self sufficiency is the key.  No-one is going to carry your kit for you.

Will water be provided?

There will be food and water available at Clennell Hall. Until then you need to plan your food and drink.  Do you filter it along the way or carry it from the off?  Do you cook food with a stove or just take cold food?


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